The 1892 Homestead Strike

The 1892 Homestead Strike

By Daniel Ramseier

The Carnegie Library of Homestead regularly receives questions about the Homestead Strike of 1892. John and Linda Asmonga published their research about the 1892 Strike in the newsletter of the Homestead & Mifflin Township Historical Society. With their permission, the library has posted their articles here on the website.

The Battle of Homestead Foundation will have a “Ceremony at the Gravesites of the Battle of Homestead Heroes” on July 6, 2017 from 12 to 2 pm.

The 1892 Homestead Strike is well-documented and easy to google. The Wikipedia entry on the strike gives a good overview. Most contemporary publications on the strike can be easily found online. The coroner reports of the strike and victims are digitized (Pitt Archives AIS.1982.07 Box 16a). The papers of Steffi Domike at Pitt Archives (AI.1997.20) has some materials on the 1892 Strike. Paul Krause’s The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892 is the best book on the strike.

Graves can be found by cemetery name, Find a Grave, or; any Allegheny County library has free access to The free pages of the Homestead Cemetery describe the layout:

“This cemetery is laid out like the planet Saturn, i.e., a round object in the middle of a series of rings.
For the purpose of this listing, locations will be identified within a specific “ring.”
(Center Ring) = the entire round center in the middle of the cemetery.
(A Ring) = the first ring from the center.
(B Ring) = the second ring from the center.
(Rhea Ring) = this part of the cemetery would be like Saturn’s moon Rhea.”

map of graves

At Homestead Cemetery:

1. Joseph Sotak (1862-1892) and 2. Silas Wain (1867-1892) are buried next to each other, behind the post on 22nd and close to the fence.
3. John E. Morris (1864-1892) is buried in the Center Ring behind the large gravestone of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs

At St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery:

4. Peter Ferris (1868-1892) is buried inside the circle.
5. Henry Striegel (1873-1892) is buried below the inner road running along Main across the garage door, left of the tree and right of the small grave of Annie Rushe, left of a tree which is below the inner road that runs along 22nd.
6. Thomas Weldon (1862-1892) is buried below the circle looking down to West, between the first Price Stele and close to the grave of Connelly.