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Dancing, Friendship and Storytime

Dancing, Friendship and Storytime

“Do you want me to teach you to dance?”

That’s the question framing Mo Willem’s book for early readersĀ Elephants Cannot Dance. Piggie tries to teach his best friend Gerald the elephant everything from ballet to the robot, but each time Gerald laments that elephants cannot dance! (It says so in a book about elephants.) In the end, a surprising turn of events shows that maybe elephants CAN dance – and can share their own special take on it.

Children in Toddler Storytime danced along with the book, showing off their best reaching and spinning and wiggling and robots. The week’s theme was friendship.

Want to come join in the fun? Come to Toddler Storytime (ages 2-4) on Wednesdays at 11:30am weekly.

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