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On this day… JavaScript was created (by a Pittsburgher!)

On this day… JavaScript was created (by a Pittsburgher!)

Logging on to the web this morning, I have to say that I’m thankful for Pittsburgh. It’s had a big impact on the web and other technologies. Notably, the creator of the programming language Javascript is a native Pittsburgher Brandon Eich.

Not sure what Javascript is? Don’t worry, I wasn’t entirely sure either. But what I dug up makes me even more thankful. One of the most common uses of Javascript is to create interactive websites. It’s not the only scripting language that lets you play games online, but it’s one of the most common.

If all of this leaves your head spinning, or you just want a better grasp of what it is that makes the web tick, there are lots of resources to get you started.

Check out these print books from the Carnegie Library of Homestead:

http://vufindplus2.einetwork.net/bookcover.php?id=.b3083028x&isn=9781449399023&size=large&upc=&oclc=761927095&category=&format=  http://vufindplus2.einetwork.net/bookcover.php?id=.b31939053&isn=9781449319274&size=large&upc=&oclc=808488989&category=&format=     Teach Yourself Visually Web Design


Or try these online sources:

  • Codecademy – Learn to code interactively, for free.
  • Code/Racer – Code/Racer is an online racing game that forces you to learn to code quickly to get ahead on the race track.
  • Mozilla Developer Network – The Mozilla Developer Network is a resource-rich collection of documents about web development, made for anyone, from expert programmers to students just starting out. MDN is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit its pages with corrections and updates.
  • HTML5 Rocks – HTML5 Rocks is a one-stop guide to learning HTML5, written by tons of contributors who work for Google, Adobe and a bunch of other places. As an HTML5 Rocks student, you’ll learn from slides, presentations and videos.

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