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Library Computing

There are public access computers available for adults, teens, and children. Policies vary depending on the patron’s age. Please review the computer use policy before accessing a computer.


Children & Teens

Children and teens can access the computers in the Children’s room or the Teen Room by using their library card number or by receiving a “guest pass” from the circulation desk. A library card is not required to access computer services.



Adults 18+ can use the computers in the Adult Reading Room and Non-Fiction sections of the library. A library card is not required to use the computer.

There is a time limit of 120 minutes; however, if more time is needed, you may have up to two renewals, of 60 minutes each, for a total of 4 hours of computing time.



Printers are available for public use. Black and white pages are $0.20/page, tax is included.

To print, select the “Circulation” printer.

When you print, an Envisionware prompt should pop up asking for your name, then will give you the total for your print job. Press OK to send the print job.

To retrieve your print job, please see a front desk clerk and give them the name you entered at the Envionware prompt. Your print job will be released upon payment.


Copies & Faxes

A copy machine is available for public use as well. Black and white pages are $0.20/page + tax, and color pages are $0.65/page + tax. Please pay at the front desk.

FAX service is available from the front desk. Sending and receiving a FAX is $1.00/page. Please alert library staff if you plan to receive a FAX at our FAX number so that we can properly set it aside for you.

The copy machine is connected to the internet. Scans of paper documents can be sent to your email address at no cost.

The library has earbud-style headphones available for purchase at $3/pair, and 9 GB flash drives for $5. Please inquire at the front desk.


Mobile Printing

To print emails:
You can forward your emails to

You will receive an email stating that your job successfully printed.

To print from a laptop:
You can go to the following site and upload your document:

To retrieve your print job, please see a front desk clerk. Your print job will be released upon payment. Print costs are $0.20/page + tax.