Need Health Insurance?

Need Health Insurance?

Get free help applying for coverage!

From 10:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesday, January 27th, 2014 the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh will be hosting a Marketplace & Medicaid Enrollment Event at the library.  At least two navigators will be present to assist with your applications.

Appointments will last approximately one hour.  To sign up, call the library at (412) 462-3444 (ext. 222) or visit the circulation desk in person.

Once you schedule an appointment, here’s what you’ll need to bring with you on the 27th:

  • The addresses, social security numbers, employer and income information (e.g. pay stubs or W-2 forms), and any current policy information for everyone in your household who will be applying for coverage.
  • Any recent paperwork sent by your insurance carrier or the Department of Public Welfare.
  • Have a best estimate for what your household income will be in 2015.  (If you’re unsure of what counts as income, your navigator can help.)