A New Site for Your Library

A New Site for Your Library

If you’re reading this, it means that a project long in the making has gotten out – the new site. We’re doing our best to load it with information about your library, including programs, helpful links, and information about the collections (for instance, have you checked out all the research databases available to you yet?)

Consider this your go-to place for information on the Carnegie of Homestead. There’s the Athletic Club section, including membership pricing and pool information; the Music Hall website with all the news about upcoming shows (like Rick Springfield!); and of course the library section with information about just how valuable that little library card of yours is (don’t have one yet? Check out how to get one here).

If you see something missing, tell us! The site is a work in progress as we try to keep resources up to date and useful. There’s a helpful little Contact Us page that we’ll check for any feedback, both about the site about about the Carnegie in general.

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