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Be Part of the Conversation About Your Library

Be Part of the Conversation About Your Library

The Carnegie Library of Homestead wants you to be part of a conversation focusing on what our library and community can achieve together. As we look toward a vision of the library’s future, we are asking for feedback from community members on how to make sure that the library remains a strong, sustainable asset to the Steel Valley community.

To be part of Library Service in the 21st Century: A County-Wide Conversation about Public Libraries, please visit this website and fill in a brief survey about your community, your library, and what you want the future to look like for both of them. Please fill out the survey by Friday, February 14, 2014 to have your voice included in the first step of this process. Note that all answers will remain anonymous in the report.

A wide range of voices and perspectives are needed to make this community process work. PLEASE JOIN US in a rich discussion about how we can work together to ensure our public libraries remain strong, sustainable community assets.

Here’s how you can participate:

Do you know others that want to share their thoughts? Please forward them this website and/or host your own conversation with a small group or organization. Take notes on the discussion and please share them with us!

The Carnegie Library of Homestead is your library, and we want to know how best to serve you, so please join us in this conversation.

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