How do you say…Mango?

How do you say…Mango?

Around this time of year, lists of ways to say “I love you” start to circle the Internet:  Të Dua (Albanian), Ek het jou lief (Afrikaans), Je t’aime (French), Ich liebe dich (German)… and so on. If you’re like me, you stare at most of these with a bit of awe and a lot more confusion. What are those accents in Albanian? Where did the apostrophe come from in French? Why are there so many ways to say I love you in Afrikaans?

To the rescue comes Mango Languages, a library-subscribed language learning site that helps you improve your language skills no matter what level you’re at. There are 62 languages available, including courses for English learners (from 17 different native languages). There are even a few historical/scholarly languages, like Latin. If that’s not enough, Mango has recently launched a new service that allows you to learn a language by watching movies. More than that, there are Mango Languages apps from both the Apple Store and Google Play, so iPhones and Androids can both continue apprendre une nouvelle langue – learn a new language.

Check it out here!

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