Teen Tech Time

Teen Tech Time

Ever want to learn how to use Photoshop to make your own gifs? How about producing a short film? Becoming a desktop publishing master?

That’s what the Teen Tech Zone is there for: to help youth learn crucial skills in the fields of—you guessed it—creative technologies.

What are creative technologies?

Broadly speaking, creative technologies are the tools and techniques used in a wide range of creative fields, such as graphic design, music, illustration, game design, animation, film, television, computer programming, and the internet. Together, these multi-billion-dollar industries represent thousands of opportunities for the rising generation, both in terms of professional career paths and personal creative expression.

How does the Lab work?

The Lab consists of four important elements: industry standard tools, self-directed learning, hands-on mentorship with real-world professionals, and badges to record and reward individual accomplishment.

Badges to Record and Reward Accomplishment

Teens using the Teen Tech Lab are encouraged to demonstrate their newly developed skills by achieving project-based “badges.” These badges allow you to carry accomplishments with you wherever you go, and they can serve as helpful credentials on college and job applications. The requirements for these badges are outlined on the program’s website: http://creativetechnologylabs.com/

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