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Volcano Day at Homeschool Science

Volcano Day at Homeschool Science

Know where the world’s largest volcano is? How about what to call the area of earth where 90% of active volcanoes are? Students who attended yesterday’s Homeschool Science day on Thursday do. They got a chance to learn about volcanoes, ask questions, and then build their own (with the librarians’ help, of course).

Want to see where you stand on your volcano knowledge? Try answering some of these (answers at the bottom).

1) About how many active volcanoes does Earth have?
a) 100     b) 600      c) 1,200      d)1,900

2) True or false: Volcanoes are always on land.

3) What’s the name of the volcano that buried Pompeii in 79 AD?
a)Krakatoa b)Mount St. Helen’s c) Vesuvius d)Etna

4) What U.S. state has the tallest volcano in the world?

5) Earth may have big volcanoes, but the solar system has even bigger ones. Which planet has the biggest volcano?

6) The famous Ring of Fire (the one that contains 90% of the world’s active volcanoes) surrounds which ocean?

7) True or False: Lava is the only sure sign of a volcano eruption.

Think you’ve got it? Before we get to the answers, just a reminder that Homeschool Art and Science happens every Thursday at 1pm, alternating between art and science. If you’re a homeschooler (or a homeschooling parent) drop in for a quick lesson and a fun activity!



Answers (Don’t peek!): 1. d) 1,900 2. False 3. c) Vesuvius 4. Hawaii 5. Mars (Olympus Mons – 3 times taller than Mt. Everest) 6. Pacific 7. False – volcanoes can also produce ash, rock, and even glass!

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